Thursday, January 23, 2014

Going dark on my blog

I've just revisited my blog, which I let go dark for more than a year.

Reading old posts was like getting caught up with old friends, but making the time read them was like . . . well, getting caught up with old friends. You wonder if it might be too much hassle, if it might take too much time, if it might not feel as satisfying and important as you hoped.

Fortunately, it felt great. Like old friendships, I'm glad I took the time to create them. 

Why, you may ask, did you wait so long? Well, I spent the last year working as the CEO then COO of Shabby Apple, an online vintage dress company I love and whose founder and president I adore. (She happens to be my niece.) She hired me to lead because she lived in New York, much too far away to stay on top of the business. So, instead, I commuted to Utah--a lot. And I was tired! 

I'm in full recovery mode, though, and feel excited to pick up the pen again, so to speak. In fact, I've even enrolled myself in a writing class. Honestly, I feel much more myself now that I have started writing, made sure I have a stack of unread books piled high on my nightstand, loaded up my iPod with new podcasts, and listened to a couple of audiobooks in my car. Funny how no matter how old we get and how much we seem to change, we return to the things we love. 

It's good to be home. 


  1. Are you still working at Shappy Apple? Sometimes I feel so guilty about not writing on my blog I put so much time in to before. I guess I shouldn't. Life can get crazy and some things just have to go by the wayside for a while.

    1. Sorry... major typo.... I really meant SHABBY! Sorry! I love their clothing designs.

  2. Glad you're back! I'm terrible about writing on my blog. I tend to just post some pictures and call it good. I love your writing though and I'm looking forward to all the things you have to say. So .. can you hook us all up with a nice discount with Shabby Apple? =o) I love all their dresses. So cute!